Practice safe texting.

SureText is a secure messaging iOS app designed for healthcare providers to send referrals, clinical photos and discuss treatment plans. Such content is protected patient information governed by Australian regulations. SureText enables full compliance with these regulations while maintaining the convenience and speed of smartphone messaging to provide timely care to our patients.

Protect yourself (and your personal time)
Go 'offline' to protect your time when not at work. Avoid the liability of receiving critical clinical information when you are unavailable. And let your colleagues know when you're not 'on'.
All conversations are automatically saved to your work email everyday; for transfer to medical records and for future reference.
Time-limited messages
Messages that are one-week old are automatically deleted from our servers (and your app) to further strengthen privacy. SureText will be your cleanest and most current inbox.

Safe text with SureText. What are you waiting for?


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